DAVIDOFF Maria Madonna


a Born Maria Madonna Davidoff has lived and worked as an artist in
Asia, Europe and the United States. She studied fine arts at the University
of the Philippines and at the Art Students League of New York.
Her paintings and prints have been exhibited internationally in the United
States, Switzerland, and the Philippines. Her exhibitions include The
Philippine Center Gallery, LaMama Galleria in New York, and Stalden Gallery
in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Arranged in thematic series, her works include paintings, watercolors and
prints that offers a rich tableaux of both primitive and modern forms, which
are playful and phantasmagorical, yet deeply contemplative. Some of these
works include autobiographical exploration of the subconscious through dream
images and fantasy. Objects and environment, people and life situations are
sources of inspiration, resulting in images that celebrate life and death
through ritual and mythology.

In her new Scroll Series, she draws upon numerous motifs, which are native
to the Philippines and other Asian-Pacific cultures. These include the fish,
the snake, the sun and a universal human archetype termed" the celebration
of man" In traditional cultures, she explains, the snake connotes power and
the ability of life to renew itself. Often, she combines these traditional
archetypes with contemporary icons of skyscrapers and zeppelins. These
scrolls are done in multi-media technique which is a combination of digital,
lino-cut printing and traditional painting methods.

Her works, both whimsical and serious, interlace figures and objects with
sensually rhythmic patterns that enliven the images. Through these playful
juxtapositions of Eastern and Western motifs, Maria Madonna Davidoff
achieves her unity of vision.